To develop its activities, LUNUS established two divisions to provide services and products commercialization. These divisions, Aerospace and Environment work in a very autonomous way, allowing a certain level of the company diversification, without loosing the focus in each one of the concentration areas which have their specialists totally dedicated. The activities are developed with basis in the experience and background of the permanent staff of each division, its advisors and its principals in the USA and Europe.

LUNUS activities areas require expertise in computers, electronics, telecommunications and environmental equipment areas.

Besides commerce and the activities as a representative, LUNUS also performs maintenance and engineering design according to customer’s specification.

In order to fulfill these objectives, LUNUS works with a permanent staff as well as with external advisors and temporary technical experts. This means high level of expertise with low operational cost.

Located in the commercial area of São José dos Campos, a city with the highest concentration of space research and activities in Brazil, LUNUS was founded by people involved directly with those activities. LUNUS main customers in the beginning were INPE (National Institute for Space Research), CTA (Air Force Aeronautic and Technical Center) and CAVEX (Army Helicopter Base).